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FREE Plans

Here are some free basic welding plans to get you going. They are offered all over the place. If you know of any more free plans that should be included, please let us know so we can make them available! The basic welding table was the first thing I ever welded and I still have it today. It has held up great and I highly recommend it.

Lincoln Welding Plans - Free


Project: Metal Welding Table

Every welding shop should have a welding table. Here’s a simple welding project that allows you to build your own table.



Project: Sheet Metal Brake Plans

With these plans you’ll be able to create your own tool to use for countless future projects at an affordable cost using scrap metal.[/three_quarters]




Project: Trailer Dolly

A trailer dolly is a useful tool for positioning and maneuvering a trailer into tight spots. A long handle reduces the strain on your back.



Project: Portable Welding Table

For those with a space crunch, this table folds up and of the way when not needed. The table is strong enough for many projects and yet still small enough to be portable. Download Plans [PDF]


Project: 4′ x ’6′ Welding Table (on wheels)

Strong enough to hold an engine block (rated up to 1,000 lbs) and big enough to still have room to work.Download Plans [PDF]



Project: Bending Brake

Enhance your shop with a new bending brake – and save some money too!Download Plans [PDF]



Project: Shop Stool

Durable construction with steel legs and footrest bar. Generous 13 x 13 inch seat.




Project: Campfire Grill Stand d

The grill easily disassembles to allow for efficient use of space when traveling and the grill grate is adjustable to just the right height for the heat level you need. And, the easy-to-build accessory holders and handles complete the package!Download Plans [PDF]




Project: Welding a Coffee Table

All of the items you will need to complete this coffee table can be found readily available at your local home improvement store.



Project: Welding Table


Here is a straightforward plan to make a steel table perfect for welding or other metalworking needs. It is very sturdy and under the shelf you can hold your welder, supplies, and any shielding gas that you may need. We also show how you can add a couple of wheels to make this a mobile welding station.


Welding a Jig

Project: 90 Degree Jig


Welding your own 90 degree jig can be very beneficial for making sure your project retains its square edges. Similar jigs are sold in stores anywhere from $15 (from China) up to $200 (Made in USA).