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Welcome to DIY Welding Plans, the home of FREE Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.) Welding Plans!  This site is strictly dedicated to welding projects and welding plans submitted by you!  Many FREE plans are available and other welding project plans are sold for a very affordable cost!  The best way to learn how to weld is to follow a plan.  DIY welding plans explain a step-by-step approach to welding which will give you the information you need to learn quickly!  Many do-it-yourself ( DIY ) projects explain where to purchase materials, what tools are necessary, and how to modify your project to fit your needs.  Would you like to build your own car?  How about a Utility Cart or Wagon?  Do you do plenty of gardening and need something that will assist you to work more efficiently and without straining your back?  There are D.I.Y. welding projects that will fit your needs, the only challenge will be which one to start with!!

Plans are available for beginner welding projects, intermediate welding projects, and for advanced welders. Welding project plans are typically specific to the type of metal you are interested in welding, for example, mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminum.  Many people want to build their own trailer or dolly but would like to make it out of aluminum, to do this your welder must be set up for aluminum.  The most common welding project will be the easiest and cheapest to weld, which is mild steel.

If you’re like me, you like a good welding video to help you see an example of a certain instruction, or maybe how the product will look when it’s done, there are plenty of welding videos available here, just type in the search bar which video you would like and it should bring up a list of helpful and instructional videos to meet your needs.

The economy is pretty rough out there with climbing gas prices, unemployment on the rise, and inflation is soaring.  Do you have an amazing idea that you would like to publish?  Will your idea help someone save money by building/welding something themselves?  Have you come up with your own plans that you would like to market to the rest of the world?  At DIY Welding Plans we believe in sharing!  Send us an email and we will be happy to discuss your options with sharing your plans.  We will make it WELL worth your while!

DIY Welding Plans stands behind our commitment to creating a WIN-WIN situation for our customers and partners.  We are a family-friendly business based out of Colorado, USA.  Please help us keep this website free of cursing and inappropriate images so that those of all ages will feel welcome here.