3 Creative DIY Welding Projects That Can Be Sold As A Side Income

Welding can be a form of art just as much as painting and sculpture - and it can even provide a nice source of side income for the talented welder. Many dream of turning their hobby into a form of income, and with these http://weldinghelmetpros.com/cool-welding-projects-you-can-do-at-home I'm sure that dream can become reality.

Now that we have our creative juices flowing, a dose of reality: we'll need to purchase a few things before we can begin. First and foremost, we'll need a welder, basic welding materials, and safety equipment such as a welding helmet and gloves. If you're a hobbyist you probably have most of these items anyway, except for the materials we'll be welding.

The first decision you'll need to make when decide to sell your wares is: should you go for small, quick to make and inexpensive items, or should you create something grand that'll sell for a lot, but will also take a while to make? I can tell you that smaller items are easier to ship and sell much better online (if you want to go that route), on websites such as etsy.com, which you should definitely check out.

Today we'll be bringing you 3 larger DIY projects you can sink your teeth into.

3. A spiral staircase

More info: http://weldingweb.com/showthread.php?32949-Stairs

Take it from me: this is not a job for the faint-hearted. Spiral staircases are massive jobs that are really difficult to get right, but the results can be great. On paper, spiral staircases don't sound too difficult: a series of flat pieces of metal welded around the outside of a metal pole. However, in reality, it's a lot more difficult than that - especially if you want to get creative with your designs. That said, with a bit of effort you can create a veritable masterpiece that will not only create a quirky focal point in your home, but it will also allow you to put your own stamp on your environment. Bear in mind that if you plan to install one of your own spiral staircases in your home (or any other building), then there will probably be regulations regarding tread depth and other measurements. For your own safety, it's better to check these regulations before you begin welding.

2. Floating chain bottle holder

More info: http://www.instructables.com/id/Floating-Chain-Wine-Bottle-Holder/

Plenty of gift stores and quirky household item sellers stock variations of the floating chain bottle holder, and it's no surprise, given how eye-catching and mind-boggling it is. The next time someone's birthday comes round, don't reach for your wallet to buy one - make your own to give as a gift to your nearest and dearest instead! However, if the idea of a bottle holder is a little passé for your liking, then you can always take the same principle and transform it into the base of a lamp. You could even combine several static chains to make a really unique set of legs for a table!

1. Aluminum boat

More info: http://www.lincolnelectric.com/en-us/support/welding-projects/Pages/aluminum-boat.aspx

Yes, you did read that correctly. You can weld your very own boat. What could be more awesome than setting yourself a challenging project, then rewarding yourself by taking it out on the water to enjoy some fishing, or even just a little sailing? You'll have to consider the density of any materials you use - the last thing you want is to complete an impressive boat, only for it to sink as soon as you place it on the water. This doesn't have to be a massive yacht design, either. Just a simple tub-style design with enough space for you and the kids will be seriously impressive as it is!

Hopefully you've gotten some ideas for welding projects you can do to make a side income, or at the very least gotten the creative juices flowing. Once you start your small side business and get your first couple of customers, don't forget to ask them to recommend your wares to their friends, as word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing methods for a budding welder. If people like what you make, they'll talk about you to their friends, and more customers are sure to follow. Good luck!

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