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3 Creative DIY Welding Projects That Can Be Sold As A Side Income

May 08, 2016 Kelly Householder

Welding can be a form of art just as much as painting and sculpture - and it can even provide a nice source of side income for the talented welder. Many dream of turning their hobby into a form of income, and with these http://weldinghelmetpros.com/cool-welding-projects-you-can-do-at-home I'm sure that dream can become reality.Now that we have our creative juices flowing, a dose of reality: we'll need to purchase a few things before we can begin. First and foremost, we'll need a welder, basic welding materials, and safety equipment such as a welding helmet and gloves. If you're a hobbyist you probably...

My First Welding Project – Small Welding Table

January 20, 2015 Kelly Householder

My first welding project was something simple. Something that didn't need a lot of precision, and something that I could order most of the metal [...]

Easy Welding Project Ideas

January 14, 2015 Kelly Householder

Welcome to our site. My name is Kelly and I have been fascinated with welding since August 2007. I was pretty lucky to have had [...]

Make Your Own Custom Welder’s Extension Cord, DIY Style

March 23, 2014 Kelly Householder

Last year I moved back to Arizona for work and rented a house for a year. Since I was living in a rental and did not own the home, I was not ‘allowed’ to install 220v outlets in the garage

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January 06, 2014 Kelly Householder

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