New DIY Welding Table Workbench

Easy DIY Welding Table ProjectOne of the first projects the at-home welder will fabricate is a welding table or workbench of some sort. There are many variations of tables out there across which you can watch many welders creating their own. Typically, each welding table is just a little bit different from the last. After you’ve watched about a hundred of them and figured out what you need your welder table to look like, you then piece together all of the little frills and get to work.

Unless you start with the end in mind, you could unknowingly be setting yourself up for disaster. Remember, welding is permanent. Sure, you can always cut and fix a mess, but next to buying the steel for your project, cutting will be the most expensive. “Measure twice, cut once” is a very important tip to use regularly when working with metal.

This video from Eastwood shows how to build a very clean and basic welding table that I thought was worth sharing. It is simple and practical, yet heavier duty than one you would buy in the store. Check out the video below and leave your comments on this post.

What did you like about this table? What was missing?

thanks and happy welding!



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