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2 Ton Gantry Crane Welding Plans

2 Ton Gantry Crane Welding Plans

2 Ton Mobile Gantry Crane

Let’s face it. You need to build a welding table and the table top alone weighs enough to break 4 helpers’ backs at the same time. You start thinking of all the possibilities that having your own Gantry Crane would create but it is too expensive to buy a good quality one that you trust to hold. Look no further, this is a heavy duty Gantry Crane that can be built in your own garage and will hold up better than those inexpensive Chinese models that all the major stores are carrying now.

Pride of ownership comes when you build it yourself. You will save lots of $$ from buying it new, and it will most likely work better than if you were to purchase a Chinese model. Just remember, projects that are started without a plan, usually end up that they were built without a plan. That is not a good thing. Buy this plan and build it right, the first time.

Worried about overhead clearance in the shop? This issue is solved with hydraulic jacks positioned at each end to lower and raise the top as needed. Lowers to 10 ft. and rises to 11.5 ft. If putting this at home in your garage with 10 ft ceilings, it is easy to adjust the plans to fit by shortening the vertical length. Do you own a dually truck or a wide trailer? These plans will help you build it 10 ft wide so it will fit, but you’re welcome to adjust the width without changing other dimensions.

You’ll most likely want to move this around your shop, as it will not be mounted to the floor. This crane is built with 4 casters on the bottom for easy mobility.

These plans were practically built to use a manual chain hoist for easy lifting without electricity.

Drawings of all parts are included in a PDF instant download.

Plans include a list of parts to purchase.

*Please note, if you need to customize the plan dimensions in any way, it will change your cut list. Things to consider when building a Gantry Crane are the height of your ceiling and the width of your truck or trailer. You’ll want to build this at least 8” wider than the widest part of your truck or trailer that it would be lifting from.


Pull engines from cars and boats, relocate heavy machinery, lift heavy equipment from or to the trailer or truck bed (large tanks, truck cabs), lift and position materials (welding table tops, granite slabs, etc.).

$ 19.97

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