6.5 x 12 ft Utility Trailer Plans - Single Axle

$ 19.99

Want to build a trailer but 16' trailer is too big? Why not meet in the middle and lock down plans for a 12 footer? These plans will get you a 6.5' x12' bed, which is wider than your truck bed and twice as long (if your truck has a 6 foot bed anyway). 

These basic trailer plans take the guess work out of building a trailer so you don't have to worry about not using thick enough material (or too thick for those of you who overbuild like I usually do). 

Anyway, you should get these plans and build this simple trailer. Your wife won't be as proud of you as you are but in the end, she'll be happier when you can haul all the things she buys and you'll be happier hauling it in something you built from scratch. 

Heck yes. buy now and send pictures when you're done. Happy Welding! 

 These plans are available as an instant download. 

Overall Dimensions:

 - 30" high (including sides but not gate)

 - 96" wide (fender to fender)

 - 186" long (tongue to gate)

 - Total Weight is 1,000 lbs

 - Gate: 50" x 79 1/2" Fold Flat Expanded Metal


Bed Dimensions:

 - 80" Wide

 - 144" Long

 - 14" High

 - 16" Sides

 - 2" x 8" Pressure Treated Pine Decking


Axle and Wheels:

Gross Axle Weight Rating: 3,500 lb

Tires: ST205/75D15; Load Range "C"

Rims: 15" White Spoke

 - 2" square tube axle with 3,500 Lb. leaf spring suspension.

Other Important stuff:
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 2,990 lb
2"  Coupler
Safety chains with latch.
2,000 lb Tongue Jack
DOT Required Lighting and Reflectors

Flat 4 plug

Trailer is designed to use a heavy angle iron frame, with a C-channel frame tongue.