90 Degree Angle Fixturing Clamp Welding Plans

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Ever have an issue with 90 degree magnets not holding the true 90 degrees while welding? Yep, we understand. There are many tools on the market that will help you there, we know because we have tried them. One tool welders keep going back to is this handy 90 degree clamping jig. It will hold your pieces of metal or wood at a perfect 90 while you're welding them or screwing into them. Have no fear, this clamping jig will allow you unlimited repeatable passes as you load it up with material, do your thing to fasten that material, and then do it again. Its time to pull the scrap out of the bin and follow these simple to make welding plans. Buy with confidence, we guarantee you'll have all instruction needed to easily fab this amazing tool up ASAP.

These plans are available for immediate download.