DIY Utility Cart CAD Welding Project Plans - Full Suspension Build

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 Why go out and buy a utility cart when you can make your own? Any handyman can follow our easy to use welding project plans! Our welding designs are clear, detailed, and packed with important tips as you build your cart! This utility cart is sturdy, stylish, and simple to use with its amazing turn radius and full suspension. Load this bad boy up with trees and lumbar, metal and scraps, vegetation and planting material – this is the do-it-all cart for any job! Enjoy the full suspension and avoid spilling as you cruise your back yard or work site on rough terrain with full loads! Save MONEY, time, energy, and your back with your new fully-suspended utility cart from DIY Welding Plans!


These plans are fully drawn in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and are sold as a digital downloadable file. There is no shipping of this item. If you are not an Arizona resident there is no tax. Buy now and save.