Easy Welding Project Ideas

Welcome to our site. My name is Kelly and I have been fascinated with welding since August 2007. I was pretty lucky to have had a roommate that had grown up welding, and that he had some time to teach me. It wasn’t long after he agreed to teach me before I bought my first welder. Yep, before my first project I had purchased a used welder from Craigslist. It wasn’t the most powerful but it did the job for many years.

My first project was a portable welding table, which I still have and use today. It has a small footprint and a place to dock the torch when not in use. It cost maybe $50 and if you’re new to welding, I highly recommend you build one of these as your first project.

Over the years I have watched thousands of hours (much to the dismay of my wife) of welding videos and researched many of the how-to’s that exist on the web and in . I have had many funded projects (meaning they were built for someone else and I didn’t have to pay for materials) which allowed me to be creative and start from scratch.

In the beginning I mostly used scrap steel to save money. If I can find what I’m looking for in scrap, and if the final product doesn’t need to be perfect, I might still look for scrap to save money. With prices between 30 and 40 cents per pound it is much cheaper to use scrap for beginner projects. Some drawbacks are that the scrap might be close to what I need but not exactly what I’m looking for, so I make do. Looking back, sometimes I wish I would have started with new steel because now I’m stuck with it for life.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still stock up on scrap if I can find it in straight prices of angle, round or square tubing, or plate. It’s the odd shapes and minor twists/bends that I stay away from now.

Having lived in many places throughout Arizona and Colorado, I have found that the scrap yards are much the same, but the prices vary greatly. If you have two or more shops near you, call ahead of time. Ask prices on scrap and get an estimate for your project before you go. Do not put much faith in them to go check the scrap pile and tell you if something specific that you’re looking for is available. If the people at the metal yard do that it would be amazing. Best bet is to understand pricing before you go, then go and see what you can find.

Equipment is expensive and difficult to get all you need within your first month, let alone your first year. If you’re like me you have a full time job and welding is a hobby that you have become passionate about. You own your home and have a place to tinker on projects. You’re always searching for new and creative welding projects that would be fun to create and serve a practical purpose. You have a family at home, kids and a spouse that demand much of your time, and bills that just love to take your money.

My goal in creating this site is one that will provide consistent education in welding. I will share my projects with you, as well as review projects that currently exist. I will also point you to books and I’ll share picture galleries of projects and keep them organized so they will be easy to view.

I hope you will join me on this adventure as we build our community of hobby Welders. I ask that if you find value in this site that you will pay it forward. Share it or your love for welding simple projects by inviting your friends to follow us or just jumping in and teaching someone to weld. Thank you in advance for your trust and your support as we build something great for hobby Welders!

Also, as a family man myself, I will commit to keeping this site friendly for all ages.


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TayIan - August 15, 2017

Thank for the article, just remind me of my very old days, with a welding ship, we even make it float for like 20 minutes . haha

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