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Hello my fellow welding friends,
We’ve got some exciting things coming soon which include some welder cart plans, Bunk Bed Plans, and a Free Otterbox case! We are pretty excited about all of it to say the least and felt you all would want to know what we’re cooking up over here. All of these plans are from innovative welders like you!

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We’re still figuring out the details, but here is our goal and the reason for the goal. We will get to 5000 Facebook likes and 2500 Twitter followers.

This is extremely important because the more subscribers we have, the bigger the community and thus, more contributions to our plans pages. The bigger the community, the better the resources (availability of plans) we can offer. The better the resources, the happier us welders will be because when we’re ready for a new project, the odds of DIY Welding Plans having some amazing and original choices will be GREAT!

As I mentioned earlier we’re still working out all the promotion details, but we love Otterbox and we’re thinking of giving away a shiny new Otterbox Phone case! Welders need to protect their phones, and the cases that Otterbox makes are the only ones I have found that I trust enough to bring my phone with me into the garage. Check them out below and start getting excited! If you just can’t wait for the promotion and you have to have a new waterproof case, don’t worry, our good friends at Otterbox have given us some promo codes to use to save some money. See below:

As always, keep sending your ideas to us and lets get them posted on this site!

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