Harbor Freight Coupons! 20% off

If you’re like me you like to save money whenever you possibly can! You see something on sale at the store and its just not good enough because lets face it, you can probably still find it cheaper elsewhere. When you’re looking for tools, this is hardly an exaggeration! Harbor Freight sells tools and consumables that are directly imported from China. I call it a temporary fix to get the job done when cash is in short supply, and when I say temporary, it is because these are not typically quality tools that last a lifetime; however, the tools will generally do the job they were built for and in a crunch, its not a bad idea.

Harbor Frieght 20% off coupon

I found some coupons I thought I would share for all who are interested, just right click on the picture and save it to your computer, then print. Easy as 1, 2, 3. After all, we ARE D.I.Y. Welding Plans, so of course we will give at least SOME instruction. We understand that these expire; however, they have given 20% off coupons away for years. You'll probably always be able to find one online or in your favorite off-road magazine. 

Let us know how you used them, how much money did you save and what did you buy?

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