Utility Cart Full Suspension

September 15, 2011 Kelly Householder

This was version 2. The first utility cart I made was from side rail scrap that came off of a 16' trailer re-fab. It made an awesome utility cart, but my lawn at the time in Colorado was very bumpy and when I pulled it from one side of the yard to the other, the load I was carrying seemed to keep falling/bouncing off of the flat top of the cart. 

Utility Cart - Full SuspensionAnother reason, and probably the bigger reason this cart was invented, was because my kids always wanted a ride on it. While pulling them, along with their cousins, I couldn't help but feel bad for how they looked like they were getting the bumpiest ride of their lives! Naturally, that gave me an idea. Why not make a cart with full suspension! 

A prototype was built, and then I drew up the CAD plans to perfect it. This cart was built in 2010 and it is still in use today by my father-in-law in his bumpy back yard. These are plans I would highly recommend using to design this cart because we have perfected the steering (amazing turn radius) and added suspension that you will not see on other carts. All of it is very affordable. 



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