Fire Pit Hexagon Ball of Awesomeness 36in - Connected Pieces (For Bending) - DXF File

$ 40.00

This is a cut file for laser or plasma to make your own fire pit. This file will give you the design to cut your own fire pit to make a 36 inch spherical fire pit from mild steel, stainless steel, or carbon steel. Lets be honest though, no one is going to cut a fire pit from carbon steel... <wink>

Just cut, bend, and weld! Please make sure to send us some pictures of the final product!

buy today with confidence.

Cuts out of a 5' x 10' sheet of steel. 14ga - 10ga

Here is a customer submitted video:


Alert: This file requires bending the metal. In addition, the file is fits on a 5x10 sheet of steel. If you want separate pieces, we have that here: