Weld your own 90 degree jig – Simple Welding Project Plans

Welding your own 90 degree jig can be very beneficial for making sure your project retains its square edges. We built an RV gate with minimal tools last year and tack welded all corners together, measured corner to opposite corner, squished the long corners to make all four corners even, and then measured again to ensure it was square. We had to keep repeating this process until it was perfect!

90 Degree JigA jig like this would have saved some time on that project, as well as a few others I can think of. I found this online and wanted to share it as a beginning project. Very handy and the clamps can be picked up at Harbor Freight for about $1 each (with coupons). If you have some scrap laying around you can build a few of these for less than $5 per jig. I mention “a few” because it would be very handy to have at least 2. Similar jigs are sold in stores anywhere from $15 (from china) up to $200

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