NEW 48" Sheet Metal Brake - Sheet Metal Bender - Welding Plans

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48" Sheet Metal Brake - Sheet Metal Bender - Welding Plans

Been wanting to build a sheet metal brake but don't know how? Or maybe you know how and just don't have the time (or patience) to put all the pieces together without missing a step. No one wants to dedicate considerable time and expense on a welding project only to find out that when it is completed there are things missing or it looks like a hack. ...uh, we've been there too. Which is why we develop these plans so that we don't repeat our past welding project mistakes. 

You’ll most likely want to mount this to the floor. These plans were designed to bend 18ga steel at 48" wide! For a DIY welding project that is simple and cheap to build, that is really strong. Need to bend 16ga? No problem, this same tool will bend a 36" sheet of 16ga steel. Not all of us work with steel, many of us work with aluminum too. Yeah... it does that and you won't be disappointed.

Drawings of all parts are included in a PDF instant download.

Plans include a list of parts to purchase or make. 

*Please note, if you need to customize the plan dimensions in any way, it will change your cut list.


Maximum bending width = 48”
Bending capacity 90 degrees
18 Ga. X 48”
16 Ga. X 36”
14 Ga. X 24”