Shop Press Welding Plans (25 - 50 Ton Hydraulic)

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Ever wanted to fab up your own industrial shop press? This bad boy gets into the pretty thick stuff! These plans will handle up to a 50 ton hydraulic ram! Don't go out and spend $8k+ on name brand equipment, build it yourself and save thousands of dollars with these easy to follow welding plans. 

This shop press product plan comes with two separate attachments that are most commonly used with this tool. You'll see plans on building a Metal Brake attachment as well as a Metal Punch attachment. Talk about a bonus huh!?! 

  • 24" Wide - Shop Press Brake
  • Metal Punch up to 1" Diameter Holes.
  • Heavy Duty Mild Steel Construction.
  • 30+ pages of detailed plans.
  • Hydraulic Cylinder with 5" Diameter.

**Please Read**

In order to reduce costs and by customer demand, we have split the plans for the shop press and the hydraulic power unit into two separate plans. If you only need one or another, its perfect. For those of you who are starting from scratch, make sure you also add the plan for the "Hydraulic Power Unit" that will power this press. The power unit will also power other hydraulic tools in your shop.