Pizza Oven Welding Plans

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Note: There have been some concerns raised on this plan and DXF that they are not a complete set of instructions to create this project. We are removing it from our store until we can ensure these meet our standard for quality. If you have any questions please email us at

Do you like pizza but don't want to heat up the kitchen? Maybe you like the texture of evenly toasted pizza crust and appreciate the savings from cooking them in one of these bad boys. These Pizza Oven welding project plans contain 33 pages of pictures throughout the build, as well as hand written schematics on how to construct a pizza oven from stainless steel and fire brick. No DIY handyman or welder should be without one of these. Please know that these do not have step-by-step instructions, but dimensions and images to help you build this exact pizza oven. 

Stainless steel & brick construction, great for restaurants, catering and home.

Width: 3' 3 3/8" inches (1000 mm)
Depth: 3' 4 9/16" inches (1030mm)
Height: 1' 10 7/16" inches (570mm)